Bachmann recently announced their plans for the Thomas range in 2021 . With the items left over from previous announcements here is the definitive list . Images will be added when available

HO Scale

Thomas with DCC Sound on board

Percy with DCC Sound on board

Daisy - announced 2019

Troublesome Truck #6 Tanker - announced 2020

Original James - announced 2020

Ryan (Item No. 58823)

Toby's Museum Coach (Item No. 76032)

Toby's Museum Brake Coach (Item No. 76033)

Narrow Gauge

Peter Sam - announced 2019

Narrow Gauge Brake Van Red - announced 2020

Narrow Gauge Brake Van Blue - announced 2020

Narrow Gauge Yellow Rheneas (Item No. 58605)

Narrow Gauge Box Van - Blue (Item No. 77208)

Narrow Gauge Box Van - Red (Item No. 77209)

N Scale

James - announced 2020

Toby the Tram Engine (Item No. 58794)

S.C. Ruffey (Item No. 77092)

Large Scale

Paxton (Item No. 91408)

Mining Wagon with Load - Blue (Item No. 98025)

Sodor Coal Co. Wagon with Load (Item No. 98026)

Sodor Scrap Co. Wagon (Item No. 98027)